HellVape Seri RDA! A Triple Coil Series RDA

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  1. Thank you for actually reviewing this in triple coil build. Other reviewers could learn something from you. No one wants a review on a triple coil rda using two coils because they don’t like triple coils. Thank you Mike!!

  2. that center post reminded me to my former csmnt v1 rda. hated it every time i'm trying to change my used coils. but great review mike.

  3. I use coilclout coils too they're great 1 pair of coils last me about 5-6 months with proper cleaning every time i rewick.

  4. Why do they make mods that will go to 230w when there isn't enough volts to reach it ??

  5. Love Mike pissing the dude off. Love Uncle Mike reminds me off the cool uncle that you love to be around just shit gets fucked up when you see em lol. Hope all is well. Vaping saves lives! Waiting on my first Boxer mech sqwonk I ordered it seems like 2 and a half weeks with a Alexa s.24 rda on top. Sic

  6. And I must say Mike we the hobbyists APPRECIATE YOU!!! we love our rebuildables, I mean I have bought EVERY new rebuildable on the market that have recently been released, It hasn't been many so that feat wasn't hard to achieve lol, I wish more would all these damn pods are just annoying now

  7. I completely agree. In an age where disposables, pods, pod mods, AIOs (including Boro systems), MTL RTAs, and single coil bangers have completely flooded the market, its pretty friggin cool for Hellvape to release an RDA like this. Don't get me wrong, I use and enjoy a lot of rebuildable AIOs, MTL devices, and single coilers, but I do like to chuck some clouds when I'm at home, so for Hellvape to release a dedicated series dual/triple coil RDA with big airflow for high powered mods is awesome.

  8. Great review Mike, as always. Feel sorry for Steve tho. Don't be a meanie, let him be himself and use his lanyards and cotton leftovers for rebuilding pods as much as he likes! Rebuilding a pod is not easy, especially vertical coils… 😆

  9. It's crazy. Now I'm thinking about getting it and running it with dual coils at about 8 volts. Thanks for the review, learned a lot

  10. Love this RDA the flavor has been spot on and yes Mike I prefer the dual coils setup on this RDA. Great review Mike.

  11. Great review. This RDA is not for me, but your review is spot on. I can foresee a lot of vapers buying this with no knowledge of ohm's law or series builds!

  12. @Mike Vapes when running triple coils in series the coil in the center will always heat up faster because it gets the voltage before the other two that are farther away from that center post. I use a ceramic coiling rod in the center coil to absorb the heat allowing the the 2 outer coils to heat up evenly. Just a thought.

  13. Shocked Hellvape of all people released a series RDA. I’m also extremely happy they did. I use to be big on series decks but they just kinda died out (for myself) I already ordered 2 of these. I have a few mods that are higher voltage devices just for this. I can’t wait to dust off my MCM when this atty gets delivered.

  14. Ωραια παρουσιαση,τριπλο ντεκ τρελα ντουμανια!!!

  15. Nice review Mike..that decked should be tasting like heaven lol. How are you able to push 0.4 to 250 though?

  16. i could be wrong but i think the middle coil is heating first because you look at them like 1 long coil instead of 3 individual coils and it is just like one long coil that heats up from the center out just like any other coil. i hope that makes sense , it does to me atleast lol.

  17. I remember nuclear RDA when i see triple coil, it pissed me off whenever i need to build that RDA

  18. Omg love it! Can't wait to get mine! Ordered 2! Oh steamcrave is launching their 30mm series rda and a 30mm 12ml pumper tank to go under it too! That I'm ordering as well! Good shit coming out! Thanks Mike!

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