Hellvape Fat Rabbit 28mm RTA

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  1. This is the only one on the rabbits series that i'm going to buy (already otw)…this rta is as big as QP Violator but a tad shortee than that rta…i'm more interested in QP Kong RDA reviews which i already have 3 days ago…

  2. RDAs are good fun to build but who actually uses them? I’ve got an Asgard and a Nightmare. Pain in the arse. Constantly dripping and flood all the time.

  3. Yo mike why wouldn't you just pull the cotton through one coil & back through the other? One is plenty for dual coils.

  4. I won a dead rabbit rda giveaway back in 2018 from them although I had one at that time.. long story short not send to me no respect was shown. After that, I sold all my Hellvape items + I warn my friends ( vapers , sellers ). For your knowledge , their products sound affordable but it's cheap made, you can tell yourself

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the videos without a 5 minute intro. I loose interest after 30 seconds but yeah good job man.

  6. Just ordered a blue one on Fast Techh. I've heard nothing but good things about this rta… I hope it lives up to the hype cause I need another flavor banger. My. Wotofo Bravo rta has been my main banger for so very long. I really can't find another rta that produces as good. Of flavor as my. Bravo…
    Besides my taifun gt4 and my Smok tfv8 Cloud Beast and tfv12 prince with their RBA cores. And I own almost every rta that has come out over the last 2 years….
    AngwayCan't wait to get this bad boy! Shes gonna look awesome atop my Scar-18 230w. Maube even better on my black and blue Lostvape Grus!

  7. Finally, hell vape made another fat rabbit. I had my fat rabbit sub ohm tank since it came out, and I been loving it, ever since I got it.

  8. Mike, please tell Steve that if he ever has any extra he can send it to me. I'll pay top dollar.

  9. might be the 1st rabbit i don't send back within 24hours(1st one leaked & hissed & spluttered like a $5 whore…the v2 had a slide to fill top…in 2020 it was, really, hellvape???)…unless my Chinese site drops the Ragnar to under $50…ha ha.
    if Mike likes the airflow, it's probably pretty good!

  10. also can't find the oumier bulk in stock anywhere globally (in gold)…might have to hit up Fagan for one…as he's using a suspicious amount of pods recently?

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