Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e7

In this episode of the Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e7 we discover Michele Mital will become the FDA CTP new chief. ENDS use aka vape lowers VOC levels for smokers switching to vaping. PATH study documents 12.6 percent smoking abstinence quit rate from smokeless tobacco use while also reaching 34.3% dual use to benefit smokers health outcomes. Another study of E-cigarette use finds vaping 5 times higher rate of smoking discontinuation than population rate. Also the science behind nicotine addiction and the actual levels of plasma nicotine from various devices is revealed in another study. So now you know how much nicotine is in a cigarette vs in several different vaping products. The concentration difference is astonishing. The PMTA slow regulatory process is detrimental to public health as this vaping research clearly documents new products are more effective to get smokers to quit smoking. Tobacco Harm Reduction potential is also backed by a science cafe video featuring a toxicologist. Ghana Bans all tobacco products for anyone born after 2008 amid WHO CTC and COP9 secretive plans. Then we cover about face on harm reduction in Thailand and the Philippines delays vaping regulations amid election cycle. Lastly it’s Vapril 2022 featuring a vaping to quit smoking testimonial to celebrate vaping awareness month.
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00:00 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e7 Introduction
00:35 FDA new CTP Chief Michele Mital
01:55 Systemic biomarkers of exposure associated with ENDS use: a scoping review

02:35 Transitions to smokeless tobacco use among adult cigarette smokers in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, Waves 3–5 (2015–2019)

06:03 Association of e-Cigarette Use With Discontinuation of Cigarette Smoking Among Adult Smokers Who Were Initially Never Planning to Quit


09:49 E-cigarettes and Lung Health – Eric Hamberger, MD | UCLAMDChat

10:25 Nicotine delivery to users from cigarettes and from different types of e-cigarettes

13:09 FDA PMTA red tape Hurts Public Health
13:50 Science Cafe: Health Effects of E-Cigarettes

17:00 The Impact of Banning Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems on Combustible Cigarette Sales: Evidence From US State-Level Policies

18:09 E-cig industry: “Tired of being a vehicle for Big Tobacco’s commercial interests”

19:30 Governments and FDA Democide
20:20 China Bans Vape Conventions, Fairs, and Exhibitions
20:52 WHO FCTC 2030

21:15 Ghana to ban tobacco advertising and depiction in entertainment media

22:22 Thailand’s e-cigarette ban has been confirmed by Thai Tobacco Commission

25:17 Malaysia’s Vaping Approval Delayed By Politics – Disappointing

25:45 That Lingering Smoke From Malaysian Men

26:00 UK PHE Stoptober Sucess
26:46 Vapril 2022 – Vaping Awareness Month

27:50 Vapril Quit Smoking with Vaping Testimonial
30:18 Vaping Advocacy Call To Action
30:43 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e7 Conclusion
32:00 Hunky Vape Patreon Appreciation


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  1. Totally dig your YouTube reports on vaping news and advocacy. We gotta turn this around or we’re doomed. Btw, nice t-shirt!

  2. awesome news hunkyvape 🙂 we are getting vaping is bad for you on our local news channels….no reason other then its worse then smoking 🙁

  3. Thank you hunky vapes so much for this report I still pray every night n day for vape to win an to stay I always want to have vape that will always be safer for us all and great review and I will see you in the next video

  4. Loved the video hunk! One day we will be able to vape with no backlash its coming ! Have a great rest of your week! Stay safe.

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