Getting Off the Smokes and New Vape Laws | Q+A

Will the government’s new laws for ‘vape juice’ push those trying to quit smoking either back to the cigarettes, or towards a black market?
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Panellists: John Safran, Writer and filmmaker; Virginia Gay, Actor, writer and director; Julia Banks, Author, lawyer, and former Federal Liberal and Independent MP; Tony Armstrong, ABC News Breakfast presenter and former AFL player; Rachel Doyle, Barrister; and Yanis Varoufakis, Greek economist and author.

This episode was broadcast on Thursday September 9, 2021.

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  1. Only one tobacco company sells vape products in Australia/NZ, and that is BAT. Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette, a Chinese Scientist, because his dad died of smoking related illnesses and he couldn't kick the habit. The new vape laws in Australia from October 1st, provides access via a prescription to products that meet set Australian standards. Smokers will have access from local Australian business (Chemists) for products that meet that standard. Non smokers and children can't get a prescription so can't access the products legally. If a product provided by a vape company or tobacco company meet the standard, they'll be available, if they don't they won't. You can buy from NZ with a prescription and take the risk that your product meets the set Australian standards, and if not, hope Border Force don't take your product. The facts as stated by the TGA. If you want to buy from NZ, insist the company provides proof the product their taking your money for, complies. If they don't or won't don't buy it. Know if you buy locally, it complies as Chemist can only access compliant products.

  2. It's a shame there are very few quality journalists left in Australia. If you want to know who is pushing hard against vaping just look at the submissions concerning vaping, it's the companies that produce the current useless nicotine replacement therapies, patches, gums etc. Their market share of the NRT market is slashed where vaping is legal, as smokers find that vaping works for more people than patches and gums.
    A law banning tobacco companies from the vape industry would be helpful.

  3. YOUR "EXPERT"…. KNOWS NOTHING… MY LUNGS ARE PERFECT NOW AFTER 22 YEARS OF Smoking… Near 2 Pack/Day By The Time Vaping Became Popular… I Was On It Early… And Still Had To Transition Off The CANCER STIX… THE MAIN 2 Components Aside From Nicotine & Flavors Are Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin … Which ARE IN PRETTY MUCH EVERY FOOD OUT THERE !!!…. RESEARCH PRIOR TO A LECTURE PLEASE ??

  4. People in the studio realy don't understand this topic.
    Its a life saving alternative for the deadly cigarettes that is killing 8million people world wide every year.
    According to the royal college of physicians uk vaping is at least 95% safer.
    On the cancer level 99% safer and works 2 times better to quit than traditional quiting methode.
    That one uppertunity that can defeat deadly cigarettes out of the window.

  5. But how can we justify putting laws around accessing a product that has POTENTIAL health consequences while cigarettes can be purchased legally and have KNOWN health consequences.

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