Geek Vape Dual Coil Z RDA!

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  1. Which do you guys prefer Drop V1.5 or Dead Rabbit V2? I'm planning to buy a new RDA and I hope you can help me decide which of the 2 I will buy thank you!

  2. So…does anyone know if it's got a deep well? that's kinda a thing you usually want to know when you're looking into an RDA, just sayin. IDKW but, vape reviews that reviewers do lately have been less informative than, let's say, a few years ago, have not been as informative. IDK if they're getting bored, or if they've been vaping pods so much that they've lost interest in real vape kit. It's to the point now, that I'll watch ANY rebuildable tank review, or mod review that comes out. I like the type of vaping people did 5 years ago. Vape shops everywhere are getting rid of anything they haven't sold in a while, so im getting tanks that where originally sold for 50 to 150 bucks, for free to 20 bucks. There are some tanks that were made extremely well and were extremely well designed so they vape like nothing out now. Im kind of glad that nobody's buying them. I've been gifted dozens of unbelievable tanks by my local vape shops and an online ones too when I asked. It's kind of a great time to be an old-school vaper. It's a shame this won't last. At least I'll have an unbelievable collection, They aren't going to be forever pristine either, because I plan on vaping every single one. I've got a bunch that aren't even open yet and Im getting more almost every day still. Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving.

  3. I have it already the whistle come from the airflow inside it's so slim that it makes a whistle i tried with no cotton only coils still does the same and I don't use cottons anymore only gauze for wounds the taste is phenomenal even I'm using a 90/10 percentage

  4. Building mine as I watch this you do get 2 sets of coils, But NO damn squonk pin 😡😡😡 it's 2021 ppl include a damn squonk pin good lord, Now I'm forced to drip which I prefer to squonk over dripping my preference

  5. whistling comes on the air flow way, imagine playing a flute that's why it whistle, not a fan also of having a whistling sound when vaping, like duh? dude your vaping not whistling 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Another copy and paste product by geek vape. Throw in a postless deck that you have to stuff mounds of cotton into and throw in a top airflow. No reason to buy this if you’ve purchased a rebuildable from them in the past 2-3 years

  7. That's gotta be a mistake on geekvapes part with the missing sqounk pin ? Also had extra cotton coils so maybe someone fudged up. Plus theres plenty of sqounkers coming out (love my Requiem mech sqounker – the brass craftsman is 👌).
    But u know what this rda reminds me of ? The complyfe battledeck and caps ! Obviously just the looks not how it works .
    Anyway thx again mike 🙏. Also congrats on the clutch ×18! I really want one to put my black Kennedy 28mm rda , Nightmare/valhalla 28 , and Temple 28 – love parallel mechs but still wishing for a dual 21700 lol

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