Eezy Smeezy Vape Tricks

Why hello there. This is a video about Eezy Smeezy Vape Tricks. Which includes: The Dragon, The French Inhale, The Ghost Inhale, Cloud Chasing, and The Lovely O’s. I really hope that you enjoy this video! And again if you like this video go ahead and LIKE & SUBSCRIBE & Thanks for Watching!

Instagram: @wickedlove67

How to Blow O’s:

How To Blow Double O’s:

How to Blow Smoke Bubbles:


  1. "All you need to do is breath yes its a little complicated all you need to is breath like this" that's funny af

  2. I love doing the dragon, but I could never remember the proper name so I called it the 'quad exhale'

  3. Anyone else watching so they can do some sick b-roll edits when reviewing vapes on their own channel? 😂

  4. a tip, dont do thsi with a high nicotine kiquid, emptied my vape with this vid in one vape session and goddamn thats not very good

  5. its crap like this why I paid 100$ in pure tax's for some vape products yesterday. Vaping is not considered to be something cool. I did one trick, 7 yrs ago now. I made my cigarettes disappear.

  6. Those trix were so bad 😭like you blowed about the ghosts like a cloud and tried to inhale it. And you didn’t even se de french inhale bruh

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