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  1. Mike….Blotto mini with a single coil vs Blotto single coil? Thoughts? I'm currently running single coil intakes FWIW 6.5 wraps 3mm ss316l fused clapton 26/32ga

  2. When you put the top on after filling tank , you can see the pressure forcing the liquid down which can cause leaking from honeycomb air flow.

  3. Mini was 23 mm same as this one. The internals of blotto dual and mini are exact same size. Only different are externals. I was surprised when this one was 23 again. Looks like will work well. Would love to get both eclipse and blotto but Canada has made anythin not "child proofed" unable to be sold. Nonsense. Child proof and 20mg max nic and yet we have legalized weed and edibles. As well as soon to possibly be flavour ban country wide.
    Someone please explain the hypocrisy here.

  4. Sorry Mike… 🤔
    But the Blotto rta and the Blotto mini is the same deck!! Only external dimensions are differends. So you can screw the Blotto chimney on the Blotto minis deck… Test if you don't believe. 😅

  5. Again a girl repeller. And for a restrictive direct lung hit that tip is hideous and needed a 510 drip tip or nothing bigger than a medium particularly on a single coil. That's tip is just killing me from here .,BIG NO.

  6. Mike I’m pretty positive the only difference between the OG and the Mini is the liquid capacity. The OG with the bubble is 6ml and the mini with the bubble is 4ml. Same exact build decks and airflow, so you’re going to get the same performance with a single coil in both. That’s why he said they made this one, to have a true single coil option, the OG and mini you had to use a larger single coil because the wicking ports were meant for dual.

  7. I wish they'd kept the slotted beneath coil airflow from the dual. The under coil airflow looks weird to me on this. I loved running the dual with a single 3.5mm or 4mm coil though, and it gave great flavour and I like a restrictive vape, so I'll definitely be picking this one up. It's perfect for my Odin dna75c!

  8. Air flow… Sigh… I know why we are getting all these restricted DTL vapes, "this is too loud wide open" " this has too much airflow for my build wide open" "this has no flavor wide open" "it's a cold vape wide open" Just make the airflows more open, and put a note, USE THE GOD DAMN AIRFLOW CONTROL!!!

  9. Mike🤣🤣 used both eclipse and blotto single coal….. Blotto and eclipse are same as flavour…why u gave flavor rating 8-8.5🤣🤣🐸🐸..funny man…..just for hype ur rta onarket thats bad

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