1. No smoking smoking no u know I know it ain’t good I been off cigarettes for a month something made me quit something made u quit take this and run it was meant that you relized u are something so much more be who u can without it’s not you

  2. Doja cat, I'm proud of you girl. You're going to help so many people they want to give up vaping. I am blessed because I stopped smoking cigarettes I stopped smoking weed I stopped drinking and I take one day at a time so take one day at a time girl you putting a blessing on your life and a blessing too so many other people

  3. I've never Vaped but I heard it's not good for you and if you're trying to take care of your body and your mind you got to get away from that vaping. I've heard so many bad stories about vaping. Doja, you're too good for that girl give it up for you know it you'll be done throw it away have a blessed day baby

  4. omg im so proud of you!!! i got 18 months and i swear to you the fact that you dont vape anymore means a whole lot then what you think! omg hahaha i love you im so glad you saved your life.

  5. Get a piece of white tissue take a drag of a cigarette and blow the smoke into that white tissue because that's what's inside your lungs stick The vaping I don't know if it's good or not but don't smoke good girl

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