1. I wouldn't want to pay any money for anything that Troy has built! I'd be happy with Jerry's though- much better attention to detail! I wonder if the poor performance on Troy's vape was due to the poor build quality??

  2. I love mine. Made a mistake of not properly iso wiping the bulb, so pulled mine apart, washed/cleaned the balls, properly cleaned and dried the bulb and I am set. Thank you to the community for the help.

  3. I got a cool hangout spot in bedroom. My back bothers me some and i have like too many mattresses now. Just kept stacking them. Bed with rails now with box springs and 3 mattresses. Last matress purple classic. I need a step ladder to get up in it. Great daytime chill spot.

  4. Thought y'all were gone this week, roommate and i missed this episode. Drats! I just got the Highlighter too…I was so topical, yet am so dated now 😪 Much love guys, travel safe!

  5. He definitely was talking about showing off his semi lol bro I was drifting off falling asleep and I heard that and was like wtf then I hear troy checkin that wheeew I was wondering wtf jerry talking about cuz well you know.
    I'm wide awake now 😜

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