Cigarette Smoker Tries Vaping for the First Time

so today, i, a cigarette smoker tries vaping for the first time. that right, the first time. i’ve been smoking for years, and have never ever vaped. just kidding, i have used pod systems before, but i’ve never actually bought a disposable.

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  1. Im a Vapor now. I started smoking cigarettes since I was 16 I quit smoking like 6 months ago since I left myrtle beach and let me tell the big difference now I feel a lot better, smell better I don’t like a ash tray now and save ALOT of money my bottle of juice last 2 weeks

  2. Fan fact: Cigarettes, among others, have a chemical drug that is used to numb tissues in a specific area, it's called lidocaine and that's the reason you feel that cigarettes are smoother than vaping products which they do not include it.
    Your first draw was a direct lung (DL) that's why you felt this way, your product is an MTL (mouth to lung) which means you should keep it for a second in your mouth.

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