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  1. You over fluffed, I have the 4ml of this it's the best tank for sure with its condensed chimney.

    Kayfun 19 and 21
    Dvarw FL 22ml
    Expromizer v5

    That's what it's up against

  2. We all love you a lot — but — with this one you are on the wrong side ;-))
    Coil is too big, wrap the coil with the direction of the screws (make it narrower), use thinner wire (higher ohms — lower wattage), play with coil height, use it as an MTL device as MTL goes …

  3. I want to say, I really like this little atty and flavour from it can be better as many others out there. Loose tank on the deck: search for better o-rings, that shouldn't be a big deal.
    It's meant to work great with round wire because it's an MTL RTA, there is just no need for fused claptons here.
    I use single air pin setup and drilled the 1.2mm to 1.3mm to give it a little more air.

  4. Very expected that Bogan didn't like this rta. This rta doesnt shine in every style of vaping. Just use dual 0.8 holes, simple coils, don't use fruity ejuice(tobacco-like flavors work the best), use lower wattage if you normally use over 18+. Blow the cloud through your noses right after the inhale. Try this setup, if you don't like the vape, then this rta is not for you.

    At least I have all 3 colors : ) I think this rta is very epic. Just like FeV. The flavor profile you get is very different from normal rtas. Sweetness dies, but the flavor you get is pretty rich and sharp. I personally own 40+ mtl rtas, 30+ dl rtas, and 70+ rdas all without clones. Not as many as maniacs/youtubers do, but think I am experienced enough to judge this tank.

  5. Good review Sam. Question were does this 0.8 ore 1mm true MTL come from as a smoker for 43 years I never had a cigarette that tight unless I rolled 1 to tight.

  6. I appreciate this atomizer very much. The side AF is the same as in the legendary FeV, but with a smaller dome. I'd never use it with two AF holes. Flavour for me gets along with the best Attys for tobacco or sweet/creamy stuff.
    Bottom airflow keeps away any leaking or gurgling.

  7. Gonna disagree with this one 🙂
    My Expromizer and Kayfun lite went to retirement because of the Bishop.
    Just put a simple wire, around 2mm bore, just a bit of cotton and it works like a charm.
    No dry hits, no leaking, just smooth af airflow with 0.8 insert. I ordered another one.

  8. Real good review! I'm a big fan!
    The liquid feed and af design remind me of the flash e vapor 4.5s, which imo is the very best MTL rta out there. I don't know why, since it's side af too, but it even tops the kayfun prime for me 🤷‍♂️ you should really try the flash e!
    Great review! Now I don't know if I want to try the bishop.

  9. Got to disagree on this one it's an epic tank I've been using it for 8 months in 2ml mode shorter chimney wicking is a piece of piss and flavour rivels all of my kafuns! Keep practicing with it Sam!

  10. I like this tank. I purchased the top fill cap seperately and you can also purchase 2 x 1.4mm and 2 x 1.6mm pins as well. Nice review. Each to his own I guess.

  11. Yeh nah, mate. Good review, but questionable product.

    I’m always looking for amazing MTL tanks, but I’m giving this a pass. Thing is I’d be on SvoeMesto products 100 on 100 if their tolerances weren’t so overly damned tight. Flavour is mental, opening it up/refilling/cleaning is a pain in the dick. If I do a small concession to the absolute superb flavour I end up with the Ether and the Salt. So I keep looking for that unicorn tank.

  12. While it is true that 2 1.3mm airflow holes are not really equal to 1 2.6mm hole that is kind if the least of this things problems. 1.The offset the wrong way posts 2. No tabs on those posts so your coil don’t slip out 3. Bottom fill 4. Those wicking holes are tiny as hell. Etc etc. something like this that is much better is the flash e vapor v4.5s plus and the Auguse tanks such as the auguse era pro the auguse era. I actually prefer the design of the auguse era versus the era pro but yeah bitch are better then this is lol. Anyway great review bogan, see ya on the next build stream 👊👊

  13. This is a great MTL atty.Air is very quiet and smooth and works best with a thin wire (kanthal or Ni80 0,30mm or 0,32mm) at low power (11W-12W),then the flavour is very good.

  14. Nice one Sam. Once again we here the real deal….🤙🤟🤙

    No blowing smoke where the sun don’t shine…… Top notch as always Boges….🇦🇺👍

    Although I’m not sure what came first, it does seem like just another poor copy of the Fev 4.5 and the Auguse pro…. What a waste of effort!

  15. Cheers 🙂

    Btw. 2 holes with 2mm diameter is not the same as one 4mm diameter airhole. 2x2mm is roughly equivalent to one 3mm airhole. 2 times 1.3mm hole is around one 1.8mm hole. You have to add up and compare the area not the diameter 😉

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