1. Yes, tips for inhaling poison
    Pls don't encourage this, instead raise voice for removing this thing from society 🙏

  2. Never private this video …be transparent like this about your past habits vaping, smoking
    *But don't start this again in future and don't encourage your kids to do this shit

  3. 2021 meh yeah Kya suggestion Deh raha Hn !!! 😂🤣😂 why after married Nikhil yeah suggest Hon raha Hn ⚠️

  4. Shanice just ignore these negative messages and make sure you have a really positive mindset as it would help you a lot in your future. Keep it up! ❤

  5. She won't delete how shameless one can be even after so much hate and request to delete she won't even dare to delete the video of product which is officially banned by govt of india this is your so called top influencer Utter Shame🤬🤬

  6. Shanice and Nikhil are one of the best influencer . Today is my birthday ,if possible then please wish me

  7. She is going to be mom and i seen these vedio now .i watched nikhils draw back life vedio and shanice vaping vedio ☠️

  8. So called top vlogger doing a vape review and didn't remove even after vape ban by govt its pathetic we know you still smoke but remove the vape video since it's banned by govt so one shouldn't even promote them even if you have done earlier kindly remove that. I don't have any personal grudges but still kindly remove that since you are the top vlogger what the youth gonna learn from you came and join us let's start vaping sounds funny but it's dangerous remove that please maam

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