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Gear I use to record my reviews and live shows
Camera Lens
Back Up Camera
SD Card
Camera Monitor
Main Camera Tripod
Monitor Tripod
Live show microphone
Capture card for live show camera
Live show camera
On the go Vlog Camera
Live show clock
Ultrasonic cleaner

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  1. Mike!!! Gotta show updates on how long vapes last mine been 6 month and I’m so careful. What’s he most reliable vape pod mod I like geek vape aegis and Caliburn, maybe a top ten reliable pod mods

  2. A proprietary catridge. Good luck finding a replacement for that. Or if you do find one online, hope you guys have the patiens to wait till the thing arrived. This pod device now days man

  3. Oh no….How much chitier can it go….How much more waste parts can mother earth bare ?
    Not better than all theese dispos thrown in the rivers…
    Sorry, its so chitty…Nearly the
    rubber plug problam…🥺💀

  4. The only color that looks good is the one you were using. The others looked rather cheep which I guess maybe they were going for with the one pod.

  5. Fancy editing 👊🏼
    The colors are too muted imo
    1 pod and No charge cord.
    Wattage control, airflow control and 1100 mah battery.
    Good flavor.
    Thanks Mike well done 👍🏼🤗👏🏼

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