Aegis Legend 2 by Geek Vape!

This video is for people 21+. Some of the products used in this video may contain nicotine. In this video we check out the Aegis Legend 2 Kit by Geek Vape. This device is IP68 waterproof/shockproof/dustproof and it comes with the Z mesh sub ohm tank.




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These videos are my opinions based on the experiences I have had with the product. Some of the products I have received at no charge or at a discount for the purpose of review. I retain the right to say whatever I want about the products, and I have always been 100% honest in my videos.


  1. I just both the mods which one is better for the battery life? Sony vtc5 or the samsung?? Im still cant decide which one, but onething i really want is that a longlast battery life that last for a day

  2. I’m torn with the no rubber. On one hand, it will be much more convenient putting in pocket and taking it out. That rubber always grabbed on my pockets. On the other hand, less protection. My original aegis has been dropped many times and was even ran over by a golf cart (accidental). Hopefully this doesn’t take away from its durability too much.

  3. I had a wake bigfoot box mod for almost 3 years and it was starting to go, I had to fonzy it and rotate the batteries so a broken pin on the battery lead to the circuit board would make contact. The thing finally died on me for good when I was driving yesterday so I pulled into a small vape shop on my way to run a few errands. This legend 2 kit was really the only 200w box they had on hand and I grabbed it in a hurry, all I did with it was just hot swapped my freemax tank and batteries over to the new box in the parking lot, set it to 100w and then immediately went camping so I didn't really get a good chance to figure out how to work it besides just setting the watts and playing with the mechanical portions like the lock switch. It performed like an absolute beast the whole trip and it was easy enough for someone with no prior knowledge to just pick it up, set it and go. I came here just to learn some of the finer controls on it. I highly recommend it to anyone who's doing research before they buy their next box or to anyone looking to get into variable wattage mods for the first time (just from very little time with it).

  4. Thanks for the info ! You are the ONLY one who has explained , or shown for that matter, the lock slide on the side. I put it in my lunch box to keep cool and when I went to use it it said locked. Looked at a ton of videos to find out how to unlock it and finally came across your review. Thanks for saving the day !

  5. I had two Aegis mods. One was given to me and one I bought.. they both worked fine for a while but after a couple of months both had issues with the battery door not staying closed.. they would go in and you’d think the door was latched but about the time you go to turn it on, pop! I ended up throwing both away and got a G-PRIV 3! Best mod I’ve ever had period!!

  6. Great review!! I just bought the space grey with the racing green leather,, From the excellent build quality to the colour display options and HuGe FlAvOuR!!! I'm Loving my purchase 😀
    Many thanks!!

  7. The tank on this thing is the most annoying POS… I'm so frustrated with this tank….I've had this for almost 2 weeks and the mod is awesome the tank is trash and a headache

  8. Good day Sir. (Mod only) Which one do you think can provide better vaing experiences, wotofo mdura pro or aegis legend 2 or drag 3 with gene chip? I am a flavor chaser. Looking forward to your advise. Thank you.

  9. Has anyone else had the no atomiser message on the mod? I tried the tank I got with the kit on my other aegis legend mod and it works fine and I also tried another Zeus tank on the new mod and it doesn't detect that either, is the mod FUBAR?

  10. Matt loving the vids dude I bought the aegis 2 and was not disappointed thanks for that. I need some nice desserts liquids 70/30 can any one recommend some good ones I'm based in the UK?

  11. I just bought the exact kit in the thumbnail and I love it! I like how they actually made a few changes and not make the #2 look like the first. I think they did an awesome job and why I love Geek Vape and Aegis Legend kits

  12. I was thinking of getting it. but I've realized that my aegis legend v1 is still good and I think there's no difference with the way it performs vs the v1. So ill stick with my v1 and wait for another good mod to come. Great Review Matt! Cheers

  13. Every time I put my batters in my aegis legend 1 the coil automatically fires and heats up I have to remove the battery to turn it off it’s been a good two years think I’ll get this one

  14. if you want a really good mod I would advise on the bottom board I have a lost vape thelema 250 it is more expensive but the quality is different from the legend 2 I have two I have

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