40 Volts Stacked Series Mech Mod at Mohegan Sun Vape Expo, NVE 2019

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  1. i like my caliburn with nic salt the most. dont wanna be rude and its just my opinion but i think all this huge clouds and massive juice waste ist so stupid. but whatever makes people happy.

  2. Bruh I can make that amount of smoke with just tube type of vape and 1 battery. A waste of time to create that one but maybe the experience to use it is what they are after.

  3. I’m not gonna lie—with that many batteries and all of that build up…I was expecting a cloud that would make people start looking around for the steam engine that must’ve just drove through the building…

    Still fun though. 😁

  4. What's the fucking point? It's a waste IMO, once you get to a certain point, the heat literally destroys the flavor! Anything over like 110-120 is just silly IMO… CHANGE MY MIND! LOL

  5. Now this is a heaven of vapers! man do i wish my country they allow vape expo like this. Not to mention this covid fucked up the whole world.

  6. One thing I've noticed while watching this, camera was directed to people's chest and I felt sorry for Bree and other short ppl, when they are in crowded places they only see bellies or shoulders or asses XD

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