40 Volts Stacked Series Mech Mod at Mohegan Sun Vape Expo, NVE 2019

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  1. i like my caliburn with nic salt the most. dont wanna be rude and its just my opinion but i think all this huge clouds and massive juice waste ist so stupid. but whatever makes people happy.

  2. Bruh I can make that amount of smoke with just tube type of vape and 1 battery. A waste of time to create that one but maybe the experience to use it is what they are after.

  3. I can do that with one battery …. it was at this moment he became a legend…. but very true I was not impressed with that cloud

  4. I’m not gonna lie—with that many batteries and all of that build up…I was expecting a cloud that would make people start looking around for the steam engine that must’ve just drove through the building…

    Still fun though. 😁

  5. What's the fucking point? It's a waste IMO, once you get to a certain point, the heat literally destroys the flavor! Anything over like 110-120 is just silly IMO… CHANGE MY MIND! LOL

  6. That man pulled out remy Martin, which is fuckin godly, then henny, where the fuck do these conventions happen I need to go

  7. Now this is a heaven of vapers! man do i wish my country they allow vape expo like this. Not to mention this covid fucked up the whole world.

  8. I will Endorse here in philippines someday please let me try it first please give me 1 free 1 Set vape from you.

  9. One thing I've noticed while watching this, camera was directed to people's chest and I felt sorry for Bree and other short ppl, when they are in crowded places they only see bellies or shoulders or asses XD

  10. There you go, YouTube ! I'm watched, okay ? Ffs I was searching any video with title "best vape liquid" and this video was facing me all the time

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