$100 Vape vs $5 Vape

Expensive box mod vs a regular disposable stick. There is a device for everyone.
Pod King:

Expensive device reviewed vs the cheap $5 disposable stick. There is vape device for everyone. Small, big, or huge the vaping world offers more variety than any industry.


  1. Damn man, I was sitting here hitting my r0m 40 amd then you pulled out the exact same one as me

  2. Trading a nintendo switch i dont use for a amazing vape with alot of liquid. So excited its a good vape goes to 200w and extra coils

  3. That is why I do my own e liquid, use pg, vg, cooler, sweetener, nic concentrate, and concentrated flavour, I like 45vg55pg, and fruity flavours is pretty nice with this ratio.

  4. Even though I will never vape or do anything like that but I still like to watch for some reason lol

  5. Have been using my drag 2 for a couple years now! What a solid mod 🙂 it takes the abuse and continues to perform. Have the drag paired with the tfv16. Im quitting cigarettes for good!

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